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Monty the Giraffe



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Design and Creative Spotlight

Hi everyone!

For those interested I’ve been interviewed by

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Stick Together

After a visit to an animal park…


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The Easter Bunny

I suddenly got into the Easter mood! I made quite a few variations of this concept. At first I was thinking to make a real fluffy bunny, but after a lot of sketches I found out that a human figure representing the rabit worked much better for the idea I had in my head. Another proof that you must make lots of thumbs and sketches before you start the final piece, though I must admit sometimes (very rearly) I skip this process and go ahead with the first sketch I make like I’ve done with “Hidden Things”.


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Happy Jack the Cat

“Jack is a homeless cat. He had a home once, living with a rather excentric old lady, but after her departure he was forced to live on the streets. Jack is not an ordinary cat he’s got his big hat that his owner had made for him to keep all his belongings safe and tidy, travelling here and there and everywhere he always has a big smile on his face, no matter what happens to him happiness never leaves him.”

It wasn’t hard to come up with a concept for this adorable creature. I really enjoyed working on him. I loved playing with different ideas and approaches for this character until I found the right one. Unlike most of my recent works for this one I combined digital with traditional media, sketching the line work on paper before finishing the piece digitally.


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